Lab News

11/08/2023 – Grad student Silvie Sint Jago defends her thesis, congratulations Dr. Sint Jago! 🙂

09/18/2023 – The Lubin Lab welcomes lab manager Jennifer Nelson-Brantley!

08/21/2023 – The Lubin Lab welcomes undergraduate student Catherine Rose!

07/01/2023 – The Lubin Lab welcomes postdoc fellow Maria Jones-Muhammad, Ph.D.!

06/08/2023 – Congrats to postdoc fellow Dr. Anna Schreiber for winning the 2023 Civitan Emerging Scholar’s Award!

05/01/2023 – The Lubin Lab welcomes lab researcher I Madeleine Falgout!

04/11/2023 – Grad student Ashleigh Irwin defends her thesis, congratulations Dr. Irwin! 🙂

02/23/2023 – Congratulations to Dr. Farah Lubin on being the first to hold the Triton Endowed Professorship in Neurobiology!

10/01/2022 – Congratulations to Dr. Farah Lubin on her official promotion to Professor!

09/15/2022 – Congratulations to our grad student Ashleigh Irwin for winning first place platform presentation at UAB 2022 CNC retreat.

08/24/2022 – The Lubin Lab welcomes undergraduate student Bellafaith Oyassan!

08/22/2022 – The Lubin Lab welcomes postdoc fellow Dr. Anna Schreiber!

08/03/2022 – Congrats to our undergraduate student Jonathan Harmon for winning 3rd place for his poster presentation at the undergrad expo in Biology!

04/01/2022 – Grad student Becky Hauser defends her thesis, congratulations Dr. Hauser! 🙂

03/24/2022 – Dr. Farah Lubin has been selected to receive the 2022 Commission on the Status of Women Padma Award in the category of Becky Trigg Outstanding UAB Faculty Member.

10/01/2021 – The Lubin Lab welcomes undergraduate student Jonathan Harmon!

09/01/2021 – The Lubin Lab welcomes lab researcher II Julia Homola!

08/16/2021 – The Lubin Lab welcomes undergraduate student Fernando Mejia!

08/12/2021 – Congrats to grad student Silvie Sint Jago for winning first place in the 2021 UAB NEURAL Conference Shark Tank competition!

08/12/2021 – Congrats to grad student Rudhab Bahabry for winning second place for her poster in the 2021 UAB NEURAL Conference!

06/02/2021 – Congrats to grad student Becky Hauser for receiving the T32 Cognition fellowship!

05/27/2021 – Congrats to grad student Rudhab Bahabry for winning the 2021 Civitan Emerging Scholar’s Award!

04/01/2021 – The Lubin Lab welcomes undergraduate student Remy Stuckey!

12/08/2020  – Congrats to our undergraduate student Cindy Nguyen on winning 3rd place prize for her poster in the UAB 2020 fall expo in the Biological and Life Sciences!

09/01/2020 – The Lubin Lab welcomes PREP student Christopher Hunter!

06/17/2020 – Dr. Lubin awarded President’s Diversity Champion Award-UAB, Congratulations Dr. Lubin!

05/26/2020 -Dr. Lubin awarded UAB School of Medicine Dean’s Excellence Award for Diversity Enhancement, Congratulations Dr. Lubin!

08/19/2019 – Grad students Silvie Sint Jago and Becky Hauser were awarded the Park City Epilepsy Meeting travel award to attend the meeting this October!

07/31/2019 – Grad student Becky Hauser was awarded the Civitan Internationational Research Center Travel Award!

06/14/2019 – Grad student Ashleigh Irwin was awarded the 2019 Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama Predoctoral Scholar fellowship!

05/09/2019 – Grad Student Ricardo Sanchez Defends his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Sanchez! 🙂

04/18/2019 Grad Student Anderson Butler Defends his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Butler! 🙂

04/01/2019 – PhD Student Anderson Butler is awarded first place for his poster at the McBios Annual Informatics meeting!

09/06/2018 – Congrats to grad student Silvie Sint Jago for winning the 2018 Civitan Emerging Scholar’s Award!

8/24/2018 – Grad student Will Webb defends his thesis, congratulations Dr. Webb! 🙂

08/11/2018 – Congrats to our grad student Ricardo Sanchez for being the recipient of the GBS travel award!

07/06/2018 – The Lubin Lab welcomes PREP students Audrey Weber and Donald Long!

06/07/2018 –  Dr. Farah Lubin mentors 7-year-old Neuroscientist, Amoy Antunet.

05/10/2018 – Lubin Lab doctoral student Megan Rich-Hu received the Alabama EPSCoR Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP) Award! Congratulations Megan! Great work!

02/27/2018 – Lubin Lab doctoral student Anderson Butler won a poster award at the Fusion Conference in Neuroepigenetics. Congrats Anderson! Great poster!

06/01/2017 – Lubin Lab doctoral student Megan Rich was featured as Alabama’s Bright Light. Congrats Megan! We are very proud of her research!

05/15/2017  Congratulations to our undergraduate student Katrina Hatch on winning the 1st place prize for her poster in the UAB expo in the physical and applied sciences!

04/04/2017 – The Lubin lab is featured in the UAB Reporter for Dr. Lubin’s excellent work as a mentor. Thank you, Dr. Lubin for going the extra mile for your students!

01/10/2017 – Dr. Lubin was awarded the UAB 2017 Excellence in Mentoring Award. Congratulations Dr. Lubin!

12/15/2016 – Trainees making news. MD/PhD student Will Webb is featured in UAB’s graduate student news for his funded F30 grant application “NF-kB Methyl-Lysine Signaling in the Epigenetic Regulation of Memory.” Congratulations Will!

12/09/2016 – Four new NSF grants — three in neuroscience — deepen UAB’s research portfolio, forge collaborations. Dr. Lubin is featured in UAB news for an NSF grant collaboration with Dr. Paul Gamlin and Dr. Jacques Wadiche.

11/04/2016- UAB/Auburn study will test new MRI technique for epilepsy. The Lubin lab is featured in UAB News. The article highlights a collaboration with Auburn University pioneering new techniques with the potential to improve the resolution of MRI imaging of the epileptic brain and to aid in the search for epigenetic biomarkers in epilepsy.

10/14/2016-  Diversity of Thought – Neuroscience Trainees Navigate Challenges Beyond the Lab. Dr. Lubin is featured in UAB magazine for her work mentoring UAB Roadmap Scholar students. For more information about the Roadmap Scholars program, please visit the website here.

09/10/2015 –Making neuroscientists cry — and showing them a way forward. Famed neuroscientist Roger Nicoll, Ph.D., recently came to UAB to explain how he prevailed over great challenges in his life. Grad students in UAB’s Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars Program appreciated that, because they face challenges too. Learn about Nicoll’s tear-inducing speech and the groundbreaking Roadmap program for underrepresented students, in The Mix. For more information go to:

06/05/2015 –UAB researchers unlock mystery of memory loss in epilepsy patients. New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham identifies an epigenetic cause for why patients with temporal lobe epilepsy tend to have memory loss, and suggests a potential way to reverse that loss. The findings, published in April in the Annals of Translational and Clinical Neurology, indicate the discovery may have implications for many other memory disorders. For more information go to:

01/15/2015 – Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity – Evidence and Debate, 1st Edition is now available in print or eBook. Edited by Drs. Farah Lubin and Schahram Akbarian, the book covers topics on the entire lifespan of the brain, from transgenerational epigenetics to neurodevelopmental disease to disorders of the aging brain. All chapters are written with dual intent, to provide the reader with a timely update on the field, and a discussion of provocative or controversial findings in the field with the potential of great impact for future developments in the field. For more information go to:

11/07/2014 – UAB launches roadmap for underrepresented grad students interested in neuroscience. “In addition to faculty mentors, each participant will have a career coach, a member of the UAB faculty who is not directly involved in the student’s educational process. These coaches can provide life and career guidance independent of a student’s immediate academic supervisors.”

7/11/2014 – Richard Sanchez of the Lubin lab has been awarded the 2014 CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) Young Investigator Travel Award to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neuronal Synchronization, which will be held August 19-24, 2012 in Waterville Valley, NH. This conference is particularly valuable for young investigators given its small size and opportunity to interact with leaders in the field. This Award recognizes and honors outstanding young investigators conducting research in basic or clinical neuroscience related to epilepsy.

4/01/2013 – Katherine Mascia of the Lubin lab wins UAB’s 2013 Outstanding BIOLOGY undergraduate student Award

3/31/2013 – Jarvis Johnson of the Lubin lab wins UNCF-Merck Award

Johnson is a biology major and McNair Scholar who was accepted to work with Farah Lubin, Ph.D., in the UAB Department of Neurobiology Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute. Johnson is the second undergraduate researcher in Lubin’s laboratory to receive the UNCF/Merck honor, and he is working on the recovery of memory in epilepsy patients.

3/25/2013 – Ashton Wheeler of the Lubin lab wins UAB’s 2013 Outstanding NEUROSCIENCE undergraduate student Award

6/01/2012 – Faculty of 1000 (F1000) evaluation of Lubin Lab’s Latest article- G9a/GLP Histone Lysine Dimethyltransferase Complex Activity in the Hippocampus and the Entorhinal Cortex Is Required for Gene Activation and Silencing during Memory Consolidation. (The Journal of Neuroscience 2012).

5/31/2012 – Lubin, Brenner, Theibert, and Phillips awarded a Health Services Foundation award.

4/01/2012 – Sarah Morse of the Lubin lab wins first place in the UAB Graduate Student Research Day 2012

2/07/2012 – Ashton Wheeler of the Lubin lab wins UNCF-Merck Award

Ashton Wheeler of the Lubin lab has been awarded a United Negro College Fund-Merck summer internship for 2012! Ashton will participate in Neuroscience research at a Merck facility in either Boston or New Jersey for 10-12 weeks over the summer. The award amount is up to $25,000 and will cover all tuition and fees for the upcoming school year. In addition, the Neurobiology department is now eligible for a $10,000 grant as well.

4/04/2011 – Davis of the Lubin lab wins 1st place in the Alabama Science Fair

William “Davis” Haselden, a senior at Mountain Brook high school conducting research in Dr. Farah Lubin’s lab in the department of Neurobiology, has been named the 1st place winner in the 2011 Alabama Science and Engineering Fair in the Senior Division for Cellular and Molecular Biology ( Davis will now advance and travel to compete for $50K in scholarship funds in the International Science Fair competition May 8-13 in Los Angeles CA.  Davis is part of the UAB Center for Community OutReach Development (CORD) program which is organized by Dr. Michael Wyss ( The UAB CORD program will provide travel funds for Haselden.

Please help us to congratulate William “Davis” Haselden on his accomplishments.

11/17/2010 – McNulty Civitan Scientist Award

Dr. Farah Lubin, Assistant Professor in the UAB Department of Neurobiology, has been named the 2010-2011 McNulty Civitan Scientist.  Dr. Lubin’s research focuses on abnormal gene regulation as a contributor to cognitive disorders associated with epilepsy and learning and memory.  Now in its 6th year, this award supports the research of outstanding scientists with a long term career commitment to research on developmental disabilities. The award is supported through contributions from theFoundation for Mentally Retarded Children, Chesapeake District of Civitan International, Inc.

2010- Lubin quoted in Science News: “Everyone’s looking for some way to alleviate these age-related memory deficits…”

2010- Lubin lab’s latest publication in the Journal of Neuroscience 2010, March 10; 30:3589-3599, is recognized in Alzforum: News: Histone Methyls Solidify Memories” and in Epigenie: “Thank Histone Methylation for the Memories.”

2010- Nicola Grissom of the Lubin lab has been selected for a travel grant to support travel to the National Summit on Gender and the Postdoctorate, sponsored by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and the National Science Foundation. The Summit will take place on March 10-11, 2010, in Philadelphia, PA.

2009- Swati Gupta of the Lubin Lab has been accepted to the Winter School in Molecular and Cellular Cognition, Zurich, Switzerland December 6-13, 2009!

The Winter School in Molecular and Cellular Cognition is part of a series of educative schools organized by the European Branch of the Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (EMCCS, every 2-3 years in Europe. The goal is to foster the development of this new field of research, and train and educate young researchers expected to contribute to the field in the near future.

2009- Sarah Morse of the Lubin Lab wins UAB Center for Aging Award!

2009-Dana Foundation Environment influences gene expression

2008-Lubin wins FASEB Award

2008-Nature Reviews, Learning and memory: Remodel to reconsolidate

2008-Breaking news in Science, Novel Roles for the NF-{kappa}B Signaling Pathway in Regulating Neuronal Function

2008-Neurology Today
New Studies of Epigenetics: Possible Treatments for Neurodegeneration?

2004-American Epilepsy Society and Milken Family Foundation Announce Epilepsy Award Recipient