Will Webb, PhD – Will joined the lab in August 2014 as part of the MSTP/CMDB program studying NF-kappaB methylation and histone methylation in memory consolidation. He defended his PhD dissertation in August 2018, and is currently finishing the MD portion of his MD/PhD.
Katrina Hatch – UAB Undergraduate Student
Taylor Davis  – Taylor worked in the lab as an undergraduate student at BSU, and then as a Postbac. She is now a PhD student in the Behavioral Neuroscience program at UAB
Dr. Timothy Jarome, PhD – Tim joined the lab as a post-doctoral fellow in 2013. As of 2018, he is now an Assistant professor at Virginia Tech.
Raneisha Lee – UAB Undergraduate Student, 2017
Gabriella Perez – PREP Student 2016-2017
Sam Castillo – UAB Undergraduate Student 2017
Nicole Gallups – UAB SPIN Program 2017
Kennedy Harris – STEP UP Program, 2017
Dr. Ryley Parrish, PhD – Neuroscience  graduate student at UAB 2009-2013. Now a postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Andrew Trevelyan’s Lab at Newcastle University.
Cole BunnBS – Biotechnology  major at UAB 2009-2013. Now in Master’s program at UAB.
Courtney Rutherford, UAB/Biology and Psychology Double Major, University Honors Program. 2013-2014
Katherine Mascia, BS – Biology and Neuroscience major at UAB 2009-2013. Now at UAB Medical School.
Jasmine Harris, BS -Post-Bac student UAB 2012-2013. Now at Tulane University.
Ashton Wheeler, BS -Prior student in the Science and Technology Honors Program and Neuroscience major at UAB 2009-2013. Now enrolled in Medical school at South Alabama School of Medicine.
Robin Davis, BS-Lab Technician 2009-2012. Now in the UAB graduate school for Genetic Counseling degree.
Dr. Swati Gupta, PhD-joined the Lubin lab in January 2009 as a graduate student in Neurobiology (Cell and Molecular Biology Program).  Swati is now a post-doc in Dr. Josef Kittler Laboratory at UCL.
Sarah Morse, BS -Masters student and prior student in the Science and Technology Honors Program at UAB 2009-2012. Now at John Hopkins.
Jordan Fernandez,  prior post-bac student 2011-2012, now in Medical School at South Alabama School of Medicine.
Rosemary Puckett, BA-Graduate Student in Neurobiology (Neuroscience Program) 2011-2012. Earned Master’s Degree in 2015.
Brittnye Carver, undergraduate student in the undergraduate Neuroscience Program at UAB
Thomas DeRamus, BS -Post-Bac student UAB 2011-2012. Now a graduate student in Psychology.
Dr. Nicola Grissom – Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2011