Rudhab Bahabry, MD, Ph.D. – Rudhab is investigating the implications of active DNA demethylation on seizures and the role of O-GlcNAc signaling in DNA hydroxymethylation changes in TLE. She defended her PhD dissertation in April 2024.

Silvienne Sint Jago, PhD – Silvie’s project focused on understanding the contribution of the epigenetic machinery to the beneficial changes seen with exercise in epilepsy. She defended her PhD dissertation in November 2023.

Ashleigh Irwin, PhD – Ashleigh worked on the role of astrocytic long non-coding RNA NEAT1 in mediate cognitive dysfunction in aging and AD. She defended her PhD dissertation in April 2023, and is currently finishing the MD portion of his MD/PhD.

Rebecca Hauser, PhD – Becky worked on histone modifications associated with the process of epileptogenesis. She used tools such as IHC, EEG, and ChIP. She is currently postdoctoral fellow in the Cochran lab at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Remy Stuckey, BS – UAB Neuroscience undergraduate student, 2022.

Tram “Cindy” Nguyen, BS – UAB Neuroscience undergraduate student, 2022.

Callie Walls, BS – UAB Neuroscience undergraduate student, 2021.

Christopher Hunter, BS – 2020 Prep Scholar, current UAB MD/PhD program at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Victoria “Vicky” Huang, PhD – graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2015 with a Ph.D. degree in Ontogenetics, Evolution and Behavior. As a postdoctoral fellow/MERIT scholar, she collaborated with Dr. Lubin concerning the characterization of epigenetic mechanisms in the telencephalon (limbic system) of the zebrafish reponsible for learning and memory, motivation and emotion.

Katelyn McInerney – High School StudentDonald Long, BS – 2019 Prep Scholar, current Cornell University PhD Student.

Audrey Weber, BS – 2019 Prep Scholar, current UAB Neuroscience PhD Student.

Simmi Kaur – UAB Neuroscience Undergraduate Student, 2019.

Dan Johnston – UAB Neuroscience Undergradate Student, 2019.

Richard Sanchez, PhD – Richard worked on metabolic control of epigenetic mechanisms in human epilepsy and rodent experimental models of epilepsy and epilepsy-associated memory dysfunction.

Anderson Butler, PhD – Anderson joined the lab in May 2013 working on Epigenetic regulation of genes in long-term memory formation. He used tools such as CRISPR/Cas9 to drive epigenome changes at gene promoters.

Will Webb, PhD – Will joined the lab in August 2014 as part of the MSTP/CMDB program studying NF-kappaB methylation and histone methylation in memory consolidation. He defended his PhD dissertation in August 2018, and is currently finishing the MD portion of his MD/PhD.

Katrina Hatch – UAB Undergraduate Student.

Taylor Davis  – Taylor worked in the lab as an undergraduate student at BSU, and then as a Postbac. She is now a PhD student in the Behavioral Neuroscience program at UAB.

Dr. Timothy Jarome, PhD – Tim joined the lab as a post-doctoral fellow in 2013. As of 2018, he is now an Assistant professor at Virginia Tech.

Raneisha Lee – UAB Undergraduate Student, 2017.

Gabriella Perez – PREP Student 2016-2017.

Sam Castillo – UAB Undergraduate Student 2017.

Nicole Gallups – UAB SPIN Program 2017.

Kennedy Harris – STEP UP Program, 2017.

Dr. Ryley Parrish, PhD – Neuroscience  graduate student at UAB 2009-2013. Now a postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Andrew Trevelyan’s Lab at Newcastle University.

Cole BunnBS – Biotechnology  major at UAB 2009-2013. Now in Master’s program at UAB.

Courtney Rutherford, UAB/Biology and Psychology Double Major, University Honors Program. 2013-2014.

Katherine Mascia, BS – Biology and Neuroscience major at UAB 2009-2013. Now at UAB Medical School.

Jasmine Harris, BS -Post-Bac student UAB 2012-2013. Now at Tulane University.

Ashton Wheeler, BS -Prior student in the Science and Technology Honors Program and Neuroscience major at UAB 2009-2013. Now enrolled in Medical school at South Alabama School of Medicine.

Robin Davis, BS-Lab Technician 2009-2012. Now in the UAB graduate school for Genetic Counseling degree.

Dr. Swati Gupta, PhD-joined the Lubin lab in January 2009 as a graduate student in Neurobiology (Cell and Molecular Biology Program).  Swati is now a post-doc in Dr. Josef Kittler Laboratory at UCL.

Sarah Morse, BS -Masters student and prior student in the Science and Technology Honors Program at UAB 2009-2012. Now at John Hopkins.

Jordan Fernandez,  prior post-bac student 2011-2012, now in Medical School at South Alabama School of Medicine.

Rosemary Puckett, BA-Graduate Student in Neurobiology (Neuroscience Program) 2011-2012. Earned Master’s Degree in 2015.

Brittnye Carver, undergraduate student in the undergraduate Neuroscience Program at UAB.

Thomas DeRamus, BS -Post-Bac student UAB 2011-2012. Now a graduate student in Psychology.

Dr. Nicola Grissom – Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-2011.